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  • "Hi  Michelle, I just felt I had to share this with you. After seeing you  June 21st, 2018, not only am I not in pain, but I have played tennis and  golf every day.  I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to bend  down and put a tee in the ground, play tennis consecutive days and not be sore.  I have shared this with anyone and everyone who would listen and to those individuals who are in pain. I hope they take the next step and contact you. Thank you again, I have felt that you have given me my life back."  Tom Haughin

  • "Interestingly enough, if someone comes to see you first, they don't need to see me." Anonymous MD, Pain Doctor

  • "Michelle  is one of the most gifted body workers I have ever met. She intuitively  knows where my body needs help and channels the help where I need." Hal  Blatman, MD

  • "Michelle,  Hope all is well. I just got home from vacation.....a pain free  vacation!!!! I was able to walk and do everything I wanted......first time in 2 years! I just wanted you to know. Thank you so much for getting me to this spot in my life. Praise The Lord."  Joyce Lovins

  • "Michelle has a keen awareness and provides excellent service in a friendly  environment. She loves her career and is very professional and dedicated  to helping her clients. I know because she helped me." Patti Kokoski  

  • "Michelle at Integrity Massage is amazing. She is a unique individual AND  an  amazing massage therapist. Her no-nonsense approach to massage therapy  has been a godsend for me. I'm sure she can deliver an amazing "feel  good" and "relaxing" massage if that is what you are looking for, but if you are like me-an athlete and a fitness instructor with specific aches  and pains and areas in need of serious attention - Michelle will not  disappoint. Her business is home-based and it is a warm, inviting, very  professional atmosphere. She is a truly gifted massage therapist-tuned  in to how one part of the body affects another. I also feel that her rates are reasonable and her attention to detail are unmatched by any massage therapist I have gone to over the years. Highly recommend!"   Karen Brumit

  • "I  finally had time to write tonight and I want to be very detailed and clear about how much I appreciate you and how much I value you. You are an angel from God to me. Michelle, I want you to know this. Not only are you extremely talented with your work and massage and so highly  knowledgeable about nutrition, health and spirituality and inner child  issues but, you are a very good, pure soul who has led me to the precise resources I need to get better....I am very blessed. I have been seeing  XXXX, who is brilliant. The EMDR therapy is doing exactly what you said it would, so as to no longer be traumatizing. You gave me XXXX's info. I  have also been to see Dr. X as you recommended who is amazing as well. I have the trifecta of talented and wonderful people helping me. I couldn't be more blessed if I wanted to be. I keep you in my thoughts  and prayers, Michelle." (Name withheld by request) 

  • "Take  a moment to read what Michelle has said about the business and herself  and you can be assured she is what she says and more. It has been a  blessing to find her. She is very intuitive and knows what is wrong  before I even say what is bothering me. She is blessed with a special  gift." Lisa Lerner

  • "It  is easy to give Michelle an excellent rating. Her therapeutic skills, extensive research and rich knowledge base are impressive. I have complex health issues and Michelle has helped me achieve optimal health  and function. I have learned more about my body and well-being through  Michelle than I have from the combined multitude of therapists and  specialists I have seen previously. Her humble acknowledgement of God-given talent is refreshing. Know going in and when you refer others  to Integrity Massage, you are in good hands."  Jeanne Volz Romell

  • "I've  just had my first appointment with Michelle and it was fantastic. Michelle was very responsive to my inquiries about scheduling an  appointment and was able to fit me in quickly. I have had many massages  before, but this was the first time I felt like it was a true therapeutic massage, one that will actually solve the problem of pain,  not just relax me (although it was relaxing too!). Michelle made me very comfortable and explained everything she did and why she was doing it. I  can tell Michelle is very informed and knowledgeable about all aspects  of health and well-being. I will certainly go back to Michelle!"  Sarah  Leeming-Strickland

  • "Michelle Is the best massage therapist on the planet. I have had countless  visits to medical providers and physical therapy with limited, if any  progress. My first visit accomplished more than weeks of physical  therapy and each subsequent visit just continues to improve my ailments.  My recommendation if you are having physical pain or tension....just  give Michelle a try. You will like the results."  Murray Stall

  • "Michelle  is the BEST massage therapist I've ever been to and the ONLY one I will go to! She goes beyond just massage. She works with you to get you better-to get you WELL! I have various health issues and Michelle has helped me where even doctors have failed. She is passionate about her work and has tremendous compassion for her clients. She is also on the cutting edge when it comes to nutrition. She researches "everything" and  tests it out before passing on the information to you. Yes, Michelle is  a health educator too!!"   Bett Bollmer

  • "I  love Michelle who is the MT who owns Integrity Massage. I have never gone in with a issue that she could not address and help me with. She is definitely the best massage therapist I have been to and I have tried  many! I have been going to her now for several years. Not only is she a great MT but also a wonderful warm and caring person! I can't imagine going to anyone else!"  Nancy Young

  • "Michelle  is a God-send. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring and an expert  in the field of medical massage therapy. She asks the right questions,  quickly assesses the problem and is diligent in finding the right treatment. She takes her time and is very gentle and sensitive which is important when your in pain! Thanks Michelle :)"  Candy M 

  • "Michelle  is a truly gifted healer whom God has blessed mightily with these  special abilities! She is also a very smart woman who does massive amounts of research on modern day diseases and conditions. Her simple, easy, inexpensive suggestions helped me break free from what I thought was fibromyalgia. Now I am active, happy and can enjoy exercise with my friends 6 days a week!" Julie Wheeler

  • "Just finished getting a massage from Michelle and as always, she is simply a  miracle worker. I've had a plethora of massages during my life from all around the country and no one, absolutely no one, is more knowledgeable, understanding and gifted in providing satisfying  solutions through massage therapy. She brings new life into an aging  body. Feeling awesome!"  Ken Munson

  • "Hi  again Michelle! What a difference from when you saw me a year ago! You  got me started on the path of investigating my health concerns more deeply and broadly and I am so grateful to you for that. Because of your impetus, everyone in my household is healthier and happier. Keep up the  good work that you do, because you make a difference!" Julie W. 

  • "In  three weeks my arm has gone from so injured that I couldn't type for  more than three minutes to where I am feeling just about back to normal.  Michelle is incredibly gifted at what she does. She is an honest, no nonsense professional. My highest recommendation!!"  Liz Rising

  • "I  cannot say enough wonderful things about Michelle. She is not like any other massage therapist I've been to-and I mean that in the best possible way. Her work provides real results feel (or not feel as the  case may be) for weeks and weeks. I always feel like I'm getting more than I pay for at Integrity Massage because Michelle has relieved many aches and pains I have had for years and spent a lot of money going to doctors and other massage therapists for. She cares about and for my overall health, physical and spiritual health. She's an OUTSTANDING massage therapist, runs her business with the highest integrity and on top of all that, she's just an outstanding individual. I highly  recommend her and her work to anyone and everyone." Jeni W

  • "Michelle  is an unbelievable massage therapist. I have been to several massage  therapist over the past 25 years. In all those years I have never had a massage that was as satisfying whether it was a relaxation or therapeutic massage. She is very professional in all her actions. If I have an area of my body that is giving me difficulty, she knows exactly the approach and area to work on."  Doug Jones

  • "Michelle is wonderful!! I can go to her with the most complex of pain and after  only a few minutes I feel like a whole new person. The atmosphere is  always very calm and welcoming. Even outside of the massage she will  offer things to continue to make you feel better and to keep the pain or discomfort away without the use of harsh medications that the normal  doctor's would use. She is amazing and I will continue to see her."  Tabby Pope-Flannery

  • "Michelle,  your touch is relaxing yet energizing. I feel relaxed head to toe. Even  tho I invited deep massage, it felt awesome! Thank you for your professional attitude and your advice too." Ellen Brinker

  • "I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 15+ years ago. Many other problems had  been diagnosed too: Osteoarthritis, Migraine headaches, DDD in my  cervical vertebrae, IBS, TMJ, etc. I had two spinal fusions and my right  hip was shorter than my left leading to constant back pain. Thus  started my never ending search to find ways to deal with the unrelenting  pain and fatigue that I suffered. I tried it all, lots of doctors, many  medications, a pain management center, various forms of exercises, therapeutic massage, physical therapy, support group meetings and so  forth. Any relief I got from the pain and fatigue never lasted very  long. My regular massage therapist was out of town in June 2009 and I  found Michelle! I had my first "deep tissue massage". I remember thinking that after my first session with Michelle she was really going to help me. Over the months my health continued to improve. I no longer take pain medications, muscle relaxers or fibromyalgia medications. I rarely have spasms. I find that I can be much more active and no longer go into Fibro flare-ups. I have lots of energy and the draining fatigue  is gone. I can go days without pain. I have that balance that I have  been seeking for so long. Michelle takes care to do more than just work with my body. She nourishes my body, mind and spirit and really cares. I  feel blessed that I was led to Michelle. I feel better now than at any  other time in my adult life. Michelle inspires me to continue the  healthy lifestyle changes I made."  Marge Orton

  • "Michelle has been my massage therapist since 2006. She has always been able to  create a relaxing atmosphere. I use a wheelchair and appreciate that her  studio is totally accessible. She is a true professional and her massages always relieve my back pain. I feel she is extremely  knowledgeable regarding treatments for all types of injuries and I  highly recommend her." Brad White, Former Para-Olympian

  • "It was a very relaxing and really makes my body sure feel a lot better." Doyle Casteel

  • "Michelle,  I just want to thank you very much for the extra time you spent with me at my last session. I am so fortunate to have found you. You are truly  such a talented and gifted soul." Sandy Breckenridge

  • "Thank  you. You have done more to relieve my pain than anything else has until  now. Your kindness is appreciated very much. I will be returning for your help until I am healed to the point my muscles can relax and  balance on both sides."  Vickie Dinsmore

  • "I  am walking on my leg now and can actually wear sandals again. I am able  to go up and down the stairs now, I cannot believe the difference!  Also, Mom has more mobility in her leg now than before, we both see progress!"  Elaine Bischoff

  • "Michelle  knows what she is doing. I have had massages for over 25 years all over the world. Last week Michelle gave me the best therapeutic massage I've  ever had. Her hand strength is extraordinary but her muscle sensitivity  is remarkable. Highly recommended!" Vito Cece

  • "Thank you Michelle, best massage ever!" Susan Reese