About Me


Thank you for stopping by and welcome to my world! I am a 2004 graduate of SHI Integrative Medical Massage School. I am an advanced Clinical Orthopedic Medical Massage Therapist focusing on the structural complexity and functioning of the body. I excel at Clinical  Medical Massages, Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, Rehabilitation Massage and Clinical Sports Massage.  

Seeing a distinct need to provide a level of care that I, myself have been unable to find, fueled my passion to offer FREEDOM FROM PAIN. I wanted to offer a skill/service that did NOT continually require you to come back but, is able to locate and address the origin or shall we say "root" of the  problem and not just "rub" you hoping to make a difference so that you will return.

I am not for everyone,  I LOVE the challenge of the difficult cases and enjoy helping anyone who is seeking EXCELLENCE in the bodywork they receive. I am a perfectionist and have a result oriented mindset to my approach to your issues. I do what I do because my heart is wholly into helping you get free from pain. Why? Because I have been there.....I am there. I have been injured by others who did not know what they were doing, so I totally understand you. I understand  that the whole body is connected and must be addressed as such for total relief of symptoms and try my best to show you and to teach you how the foot is connected to the shoulder or the hand to the low back, this is why I highly recommend a 90 minute session. If you are still hurting after other modalities, the "root" cause of your symptoms has  not been addressed.

If this is your first time seeing me I suggest you schedule at least a 90  minute session your first visit with me. If your body is a slow releaser or it encompasses multiple areas you will require more time so please plan accordingly. I am not able to tell you how much time to schedule, I do not know what I am getting into until I touch you. But the average time someone requires is 90 minutes. I leave that to your own discretion. Rest assured if I cannot help you I will be up front with you and say so, no stringing you along to make you come back, that's just the way I am.

Some of you may prefer to schedule a "Relaxing Massage", that is easy enough. If this is you please make it very clear when scheduling or when I assess you that this is what you are  looking for, so you won't be disappointed. (NOTE: THERE ARE NO HAPPY  ENDINGS OR BENEFITS HERE). 

Many  prefer to address their dysfunctions first and finish with a relaxing massage if there is time remaining, this too is great! It is not all about pressure here, anyone can exert pressure, some are more adept at it than others. Personally, I prefer to correct things with a lighter  touch if at all possible and typically do not work with someone as deeply as I can on their first visit as I want to see how their body responds to my work. There is a definite difference in what each person's definition of "deep tissue/massage" is. Normally, my light is enough for most people requesting deep tissue work/massage. 

So  you see, it is not about "pressure" but the ability to listen by touch to someone's body, utilize the therapists' skill level and obtain  the results that person is seeking. Feedback from you is awesome whether you need me to adjust the temperature, pressure, music type or volume or even feedback leaving a review. Remember if I don't know I cannot fix it for you!

The business is handicapped/wheelchair accessible. I strongly encourage my clients to do their research when it comes to their health or bodywork being done on them. It is the only body you have, why settle for less?

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his  patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and  prevention of disease." -Thomas Edison